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OIC Participates in Consultations of World Muslim Scholars on “Wasatiyat Al-Islam”

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is participating in a High-level Consultation of World Muslim Scholars on “Wasatiyat Al-Islam” organized by the office of the special envoy of the Indonesian President for interfaith and intercivilization dialogue in Bogor, Indonesia, on 1-3 May 2018. An event that carries particular significance as it deliberates on promoting peace, tolerance and religious moderation, which is in conformity with the guiding principles of moderation and modernization championed by the OIC.

The OIC Secretary General, Dr. Youssef Al Othaimeen underlined in his speech, delivered on his behalf by Dr. Dodik Ariyanto, in charge of OIC Islamophobia Observatory, that the theme of Wasatiyat Al-Islam is highly pertinent, as the range of threats to peace on religious grounds is omnipresent almost everywhere across the world. A tangible rise of groups of ‘fanatics’ who pursue agendas of hatred, xenophobia, and religious intolerance has been witnessed. Their goals aim at endangering peace by creating divisiveness among religions, cultures, and civilizations by undermining the very foundations of all religions that preach and promote peace.

The Secretary General insured the OIC’s commitment to the dissemination and consolidation of the spirit of harmony and understanding among religions is integral. Its efforts in this area are well reflected and recognized through the OIC’s initiative of 1998 at the UN General Assembly to launch Dialogue among Civilizations and more recently establishing an Islamophobia Observatory and a “Messaging Center” at the General Secretariat whose core mission seeks to deconstruct extremist discourses and propaganda as well as deploying measures to prohibit incitement to all forms of hatred, terrorism, violence, and extremism, especially through the media and via cyberspace.


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